Do I need to have an official ADHD diagnosis to benefit from coaching?

The answer “yes” to the following questions could suggest that a diagnosis is recommended. A diagnosis might reveal that therapy or medication is also warranted and if you ignore that aspect of your struggle you could sabotage even your best efforts at coaching yourself.

  • Do you frequently feel stuck, unable to “get your act together,” or unable to meet your goals?
  • Do you find yourself with too many projects at once, so many that you can’t follow through with any of them?
  • Are you easily distracted or unable to focus?
  • Is it difficult for you to get organized?
  • Do you frequently procrastinate, resisting the idea of beginning your work?
  • Are you frequently impulsive?
  • Do you frequently speak without thinking about the consequences of your words?
  • Do you forget the consequences of past actions, thereby repeating mistakes?
  • Do you have problems with self-acceptance and self-esteem?
  • Are you too easily bored, too easily attracted to some new stimulus?
  • Do you frequently begin projects enthusiastically, only to lose interest