Seeing Strengths

Successful strategizing involves acknowledging your strengths as well as weaknesses or deficits. As an adult with ADHD, focusing on what you can’t do may come so naturally that you cannot see the positive aspects of who you are and what you have managed to achieve. As a way to help you see your strengths objectively, consider the following strategy.

Refer to the Coaching Goals and Abilities Sheet you completed as if the content pertains to a job applicant, someone you’ve never met. As you read, underline every answer that indicates an asset or a measure of success. Then complete the following statement:

I can see that “the Applicant” has been successful at:

Reread the worksheet again, taking time to think about how your answers reflect your strengths. Then answer the following questions, also provided in the downloadable Strategies Worksheet.

  • What are my strengths?
  • What seems to come naturally to me?
  • I enjoy doing ________________________ most in life.
  • What special skills or attributes do people notice about me?
  • What kinds of positive feedback do I receive from others?
  • What kinds of cues do I respond to? Visual? Auditory?