Separate Your ADHD from Yourself

In order to separate your ADHD from yourself, you have to learn as much as you can about your own ADHD so that you can understand the cause of your behavior and separate yourself from what you do. The following table shows the ADHD cause to symptoms often noted by clients.

Symptom ADHD Cause Outcome
Has a poor sense of time Time Mismanagement Always late
Accomplishes little
Seen as undependable
Difficulty prioritizing Procrastination Often disappoints others
Does work on wrong projects
Avoids important tasks
Acting before thinking; getting bored easily Impulsivity Spotty employment history
Can’t maintain relationships
Can’t tolerate boredom
Easily sidetracked from goal Distractibility Jumps from task to task
Doesn’t listen to others
Misses deadlines
Inflexible; stuck in details Trouble with Transitions Can’t let go
Too controlling
Easily agitated

With this guide in mind, you can fill in the ADHD causes to your own symptoms and outcomes list initially referenced on the Self Evaluation page.